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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How does PGPKeygenerator work?

PGPkeygenerator.com is an Open Source project designed with several key principles in mind to ensure security and user privacy.

  1. PGPKeygenerator.com is proud to be an Open Source project. This means that the source code behind it is openly accessible to anyone who wants to take a closer look. To achieve client-side PGP key generation, PGPkeygenerator.com utilizes the OpenPGP.js library. OpenPGP.js is an open-source JavaScript library that provides the necessary cryptographic functions for PGP key generation and management. By leveraging this library, the website can perform PGP operations securely in your browser, without the need for server-side processing. This approach ensures that your PGP keys are generated and managed entirely within your control.
  2. All Code Runs on the Client-Side: One of the core principles of PGPkeygenerator.com is that all code runs on the client-side. This means that when you use the website to generate PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) keys, the entire key generation process takes place within your web browser. This client-side execution ensures that your sensitive data, such as your passphrase or private key, never leaves your device. It enhances security by minimizing the exposure of your data to potential threats.
  3. No User Tracking: The website is designed with a strict no-user-tracking policy. This means that the website does not collect or store any personal information, PGP keys, or user activity data. Your usage of the website is entirely anonymous and private. The absence of user tracking enhances trust and confidentiality, ensuring that your PGP key generation remains confidential.
  4. Feel Free to Unplug the Internet Before Use: As an additional security measure, users are encouraged to disconnect from the internet before using the website. By doing so, you can further isolate your key generation process from potential online threats. This step provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind for users who want to ensure the utmost privacy during the key generation process.

2. Is PGPkeygenerator.com free to use?

Yes, PGPKeygenerator.com is provided free of charge for your convenience. The author believes in promoting online security and privacy for all users. If the tool helped you, consider donating to keep the project alive.

3. How do I generate a PGP key pair using your tool?

PGPKeygenerator.com simplifies the key generation process. To create your PGP key pair:

  1. Select Encryption Algorithm: Begin by choosing your preferred encryption algorithm.
  2. Specify Key Size (for RSA): If you opt for RSA encryption, select the desired key size.
  3. Enter Your Information: Provide your name and email in the designated input fields.
  4. Set a Secure Passphrase: Create a strong and memorable passphrase for your private key.
  5. Choose Key Expiration: Select the expiration time for your key based on your needs.

Remember to keep your private key secure; it's your key to privacy.

4. Can I use my PGP key pair with other email clients or encryption tools?

Yes, PGP keys generated with PGPkeygenerator.com are compatible with various email clients and encryption software. You can import your keys into compatible clients to send and receive encrypted messages.

If you have any further questions or encounter issues while using PGPkeygenerator.com, please don't hesitate to contact the author for assistance.